Board of Directors - 2016

Mary Ball

President  –Mary Ball

I am a retired computer scientist who suffers from delusions of grandeur.  I think I can write. I started my writer’s journey in 2008. I sat down and wrote a 100,000 word book. Just knocked it out, and did a happy dance when it was finished.

Then I learned the sorry truth that many writers have to learn. I foolishly thought a first draft was a finished product. After learning the facts of a writer’s life, I started taking classes. I’m still learning that writing is more than a cleaver book idea. But those clever ideas keep bouncing around in my head. Eight years down the road of writing almost daily when I’m not traveling, I may be close to finished book, and I have a few short stories published.  Meanwhile the list of stories begging to be written keeps growing in my notebook. I am volunteering to serve as President of Tucson Sisters in Crime as a thank-you for all of the writers who give their advice so freely.

I have only one question to ask. Why can’t I use adverbs? Adverbs flow through my fingers onto the written page as smoothly as fine wine flows from my decanter.

Elaine Powers bio picture

Elaine Powers, Treasurer

A native of Peoria, Illinois, Elaine moved to Arizona in 2009 when her company, Sanofi Pharmaceutical Co., transferred her from New Jersey.  By day, she’s a research investigator in regenerative medicine; by night, she pursues her interests in the performing arts, writing and nature.  A performer and director, Elaine has served as treasurer and business manager and is on the board of directors for four theaters, two choral groups, a museum, and a church.  She has written many audio scripts for radio, and is currently preparing two books for publication. Her work as an iguana rescuer has inspired many more stories that will be forthcoming as murder mysteries and children's books.  Elaine enjoys swimming, kayaking, hiking, singing and traveling to places that are home to iguanas and other large reptiles. She lives in Oro Valley, Arizona, with her 90-year old mother, 10 iguanas, two tegus, three tortoises and a turtle.


Sue Peterson, Secretary



Evelyn Cirincione, Co-Chair for Programs

A resident of Tucson since 1995, Evelyn is a retired teacher of the deaf and worked for 40 years at The School for the Deaf in New York and for the public school system in Tucson. She has always encouraged her students to see the best for themselves, and began writing books with the intention of showing her students, their families and communities that deaf children are youth first and deaf second. She was a 2007 distinguished achievement award finalist for Excellence in Education Publishing, and winner of the 1988 Caritas Alumna Medal from Catherine Spalding University, Louisville, KY. Writing as Catherine Paul, Evelyn is the author of four books featuring the same teenage characters who investigate their family history from the time of the Roman occupation of the British isles to the present. She is currently working on the next book in her Waterview Manor series, as well a new series titled “Ghost, You Said.” Evelyn enjoys her great-grandchild, writing, speaking to groups, astronomy, reading, cooking, and playing with her dog, Bonnie.


Programs: Tricia Clapp, Mostly Books, Tucson



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Publicity – Stacey Cochran

Stacey Cochran is the author of Eddie & Sunny, In Love with Eleanor Rigby, Claws, and The Loneliest. He was a finalist for the 1998 Dell Magazines Award and earned his graduate degree in Creative Writing in 2001. He currently teaches in the English Department at the University of Arizona. In Love with Eleanor Rigby was the Rebel Literary Magazine First Prize Winner in 2000 and was originally published in CutBank in 2001. It became a bestselling Kindle novella in 2011 following several bestselling ebooks (Claws, The Colorado Sequence, and The Loneliest).

His novel Culpepper was a finalist for the St. Martin's Press/PWA Best First Private Eye Novel Contest in 2004. In 2011, an excerpt from his novel Eddie & Sunny was a finalist for the James Hurst Prize. Eddie & Sunny was among the first ten ebooks selected for publication through Amazon's Kindle Scout program and was published by Kindle Press in March 2015.

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