August Meeting & Speakers

August 17, 2019

Speaker:  Terry Filipowicz

Presentation: Tom Hanks, Kate Winslet, and Lady Gaga. They are all purported to be method actors. Similar to method acting, creative nonfiction and writing about other places to develop a realistic portrayal is a technique and an art. We’ll look at what it means to used lived experiences to fuse fiction with fact and develop a sense of place, especially when writing or talking about cities or countries not our own. We’ll talk about creative nonfiction (also called literary nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and more), share tips and tricks, and practice it ourselves.

Bio: Teresa (Terry) Filipowicz has worked as a television writer and producer in Tucson and Sacramento, served as a writer for University of Arizona School of Law and for Sacramento State, and teaches digital arts (writing for film and TV, advanced screenwriting), journalism, and communication fulltime at Pima Community College. She travels around the country for presentations and workshops about writing, communication, education, journalism, or media and provides assistance to those involved in education and the creative industries. She recently left a position as Vice President and interim President of Tucson-based publisher Great Potential Press.