Crime Lab Tour

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2:30 PM – 3:00 PM

1306 W. Miracle Mile


The Tucson Police Crime Laboratory is offering quarterly tours of the lab to give the public the opportunity to see how a crime laboratory really works.  The tour will take a brief look at Latent Prints, Firearms, Toxicology, DNA, Comparative Analysis, Computer Forensics and Chemical Analysis (drugs).
Limited space (15 people maximum)

This is a secure building. You must go through a metal detector to enter the building.

 Please be aware that there will be no seating available during the tour.

*** Because this is a laboratory environment, these are walk-through tours and involve standing most of the time.


To ensure that the quarterly Crime Lab Open House is enjoyable for everyone, the following rules will be observed:

Plan to dress comfortably. Short-shorts or skirts, tank tops, halter tops, and OPEN-TOED SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED

  • There is no food or drink permitted inside the laboratory.  
  • Laboratory policy does not permit video recordings of any type or photos to be taken.
  • Backpacks or big purses must be left in the training room of the crime lab during the tour.
  • If visitors have any remaining questions upon completion of their tour, they are encouraged to return to the training room to speak with the available criminalist.
  • Due to safety concerns, it is important that visitors do not touch any of the glass panels in the lab.
  • No entry into the laboratory areas; crime lab work is not visible from the courtyard.


To reserve your spot, please contact Kate Steele at