July 16, 2016 – Speakers

Morning Program

Picture 1Heidi Harralson of Spectrum Forensic Consultants will speak on the interviewing technique called SCAN Statement analysis, also called investigative discourse analysis and scientific content analysis (SCAN), is a technique for analyzing the words people use to try to determine if what they said is accurate. Proponents claim this technique can be used to detect concealed information, missing information, and whether the information that person has provided is true or false.

Ms. Harralson is the managing partner of Spectrum Forensic International, LLC, a full-time handwriting and document examination practice. She is a court-qualified and board-certified forensic document examiner. Ms. Harralson has lectured extensively to professional organizations and universities on the handwriting sciences.

Afternoon Program

Picture 2The Psychology of Killers: The Psychopath, the

Psychotic and the Guy Next Door. Presented by Sharon Sterling

In a quarterly issue of the National Sisters in Crime magazine, psychologist Katherine Ramsland stated, "Due to the popularity of psychopaths and the media scramble for stories, we get plenty of myth and misinformation." By "popularity" I believe she means that many psychopathic killers were made famous by media coverage and most of the killers who appear in our works of fiction are psychopaths. Therefore, she says, "...the writer [needs to] get up to snuff on this condition...".   Ms. Sterling will define the three domains which help identify and describe that personality type: Interpersonal, Affective (emotional) and Lifestyle. Ms. Sterling will assist participants in completing a rough screening questionnaire that covers these domains for their literary villain. The screening will help them determine if their psychological insight and powers of descriptions are right-on, or if, perhaps, they should consider a move to a safer neighborhood, away from "the Guy Next Door." 


Bio: Sharon Sterling received a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Northern Arizona University and a Master of Social Work degree from Tulane University in New Orleans. As a licensed, clinical social worker, Ms. Sterling worked in the mental health field for twenty years, diagnosing and counseling individuals with a wide range of psychiatric disorders including Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, drug or alcohol addiction and sexual paraphilias. As a crisis counselor, she intervened in situations such as intended suicide or intended acts of violence. She interviewed clients in hospitals, jails, juvenile detention facilities and many other venues. She currently works part-time counseling community members with behavioral health concerns.