June 18, 2016-speakers

Afternoon Speaker: Timothy Newton

Tim NewtonWhen criminal justice student Timothy Newton applied for work in private policing of a group of apartment complexes, he found himself in an abyss of urban warfare, pitting law enforcement against gangs, and law and order against out-of-control crime. Newton became a man on a mission: to create a safe and crime-free environment for honest, law-abiding citizens in the most violent policing precinct in Phoenix.


Tim Newton's Book coverIn Property Cop, Newton shows how the war on drugs can be won and how urban apartment complexes can be made safe.

With fascinating, suspenseful, and even humorous tales of his patrol experience, Newton’s book offers an entertaining and fast-paced ride on the wild side of urban policing. “If you feel you missed your calling in law enforcement, then look no further than this book for an arresting read. Follow the adventures and see the challenges which drugs, gangs, and prostitution brought to one neighborhood, through the eyes of one courageous officer.” —Sharon Dancu, WPC, Gloucestershire Constabulary (UK), (Ret.). “In an entertaining and informative fashion, Newton brings to life the dark side, light side, and realities of crime prevention from the unique perspective of private policing/security, a valuable, yet often unacknowledged industry over a million strong.” —Coy Johnston, Professor of Criminal Justice, Arizona State University.