May Speakers

R.P. "Rebecca" Dahlke
R.P. “Rebecca” Dahlke

Saturday, May 16th Meeting:

Morning Speaker:  Rebecca Dahlke – Promotion and Publicity for Your Book. What’s Working in Today’s Crowded Market.


As someone who has been in marketing most of her adult life, Rebecca Dahlke was thrilled when Amazon began to offer publishing deals to authors.  But, seeing that marketing was also going to become a powerful avenue to sales, she started the first genre specific newsletter for mystery/suspense and thriller writers – All Mystery Newsletter (2011-2014), as well as a short, concise e-book for authors on promoting,  Jump Start Your Book Promotions (Amazon).

She’s a frequent speaker at book conferences, most recently; BoucherCon, Long Beach, CA and Left Coast Crime, Monterey, CA.  She has seven published mysteries on Amazon print and kindle.

NOTE: Printed issues of the latest version of Jump Start Your Book Promotions will be available FREE to 20 attendees


Elaine Powers bio pictureAfternoon Speaker: Elaine Powers: Venomous Vs. Poisonous Reptiles in the Arizona Desert

Elaine Powers will be talking on the subject of  “Venomous versus Poisonous” which will include discussion of proper scientific terminology, use of Arizona’s ‘hot’ animals in writing, and interesting information about venoms and their impact on people.

Biography:  A native of Peoria, IL, Elaine moved to Arizona in 2010 when her company, Sanofi Pharmaceutical Co., transferred her from New Jersey.  By day, she’s a research investigator in regenerative medicine; by night, she pursues her interests in writing and nature, especially reptiles.  In New Jersey, she ran an iguana rescue and on vacation you will find her chasing after wild iguanas for population studies.  She welcomes all reptiles to her yard, including Western Diamondback rattlesnakes.  When she moved in, she was told to contact the local fire department, who could help in the removal of unwanted reptiles.  She asked if they would bring her one of the Gila Monsters being relocated.  She was serious.  Her writing usually involves reptiles, focusing on education and entertainment. Her published books include audio theater scripts and children’s books.  She lives in Oro Valley, with nine iguanas (four species), two tegus, five tortoises and a turtle.