October 2019 Conference

October 2019 Conference Program


Conference Date: October 19, 2019
Workshop hours are 9 am to 3 pm

Firearms Facts for Mystery Writers

Doug MacKinlay, owner, and Kevin Kingsley, gunsmith at Diamondback Shooting Sports, will explain how guns are manufactured and why forensic scientists are sometimes unable to identify firearms using ballistic evidence found at crime scenes.   Doug MacKinlay is passionate about firearms and firearm safety; he and his staff are well known for sharing their expertise in firearms, body armor, ammunition and shooting sports for law enforcement, military personnel and civilians alike.   MacKinlay and Kingsley will cite common errors writers make about weapons and ammunition, firearm identification and ballistics, and why the scenes we see in the movies, on TV and in books reveal how well a writer has done her research.

The Fine Art of Interviewing: Who Lies, Who Tells the Truth and Why

TSIC David Fruchtman of the Walden Group

David Fruchtman, PhD, is the director of The Walden Group, LLC, a firm of private investigators, forensic scientists, behavioral scientists and polygraph examiners who address industrial espionage, sabotage, arson, fraud, theft, homicide, embezzlement and other felonious acts.   Dr. Fruchtman teaches Criminal Justice and Forensic Science and Forensic Psycho-physiology at the university level in the US and Canada. He will discuss questioning techniques and explain how skilled interviewers discern from the patterns of a subject’s answers whether he or she is innocent, possibly or probably lying, and how follow-up questions are crafted using the results of initial interviews.  

Medical Information for Mystery Writers

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Bruce Davis is a Mesa AZ based general and trauma surgeon. He finished medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago way back in the 1970’s and did his surgical residency at Bethesda Naval Hospital. After 14 years on active duty that included overseas duty with the Seabees, time on large gray boats and a tour with the Marines during the First Gulf War, he went into private practice near Phoenix. He is part of that dying breed of dinosaurs, the solo general surgeon. He also is a writer of science fiction and fantasy novels. His independently published works include the YA novel Queen Mab Courtesy, and his military science fiction novel That Which Is Human. His nonfiction memoir, Dancing in the Operating Room, is a glimpse into the life and training of a Trauma Surgeon. Glowgems for Profit and Thieves Profit are parts of a continuing series of stand-alone novels about Zach Mbele, former Republic of Mars commando and captain of the fast freighter, Profit. They and his latest work, Platinum Magic, his first foray into the world of fantasy, are published by Brick Cave Media. Platinum Magic represents the start of an exciting new series set in a surprising modern world, like our own, only different.