September 17, 2016 Speakers

smaller photoMorning Speaker: Laura Kiran: Legal Issues for Authors: Real World Observations from a Self-Publishing Ex-Lawyer 


Publishing Law Q&A

How do you copyright your work?  What should you watch out for in agent agreements and publishing contracts?  Why should you never, ever, for any reason at all, no matter how excited you are to get published, sign something you don’t understand? What’s “work for hire” mean? Can you get sued for defamation if you base your characters on real people?  When should you hire a lawyer for legal advice instead of relying on your agent or editor?  If you’re collaborating on a book with another author, who owns the work? You ask, I’ll answer.  Or try to.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out for you

Author Bio: Laura Kirwan is the author of the City of Eldrich urban fantasy series. The first three volumes of the series, Impervious, Crushed, and Gods and Swindlers, are available, with four more books planned. Laura publishes through her own imprint, Burnt Barn Press. A former attorney specializing in contracts and real property law, Laura has found her legal background invaluable in her new career as author and publisher. Laura lives in Surprise, Arizona and plans to relocate to Tucson in the near future.     


Afternoon Speaker: our very own, and very prolific author, Elizabeth Gunn, on the subject,”Why We Write”     


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