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We meet monthly – usually on the third Saturday – from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in sunny Tucson, Arizona. (see MEETINGS for more details) to have lunch, network and hear informative guest speakers share with us about the creative writing process, and about the inner workings of crime-related areas, such as the CSI or FBI or Border Patrol

Both men and women are welcome to join us! Our members are authors, writers, readers & fans of mystery fiction, librarians, editors, publishers, literary agents, book reviewers and booksellers – all who have a passion for reading and writing crime, suspense, thriller and mystery fiction books.

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    D.R. Ransdell

    D.R. Ransdell

    TOPIC: Testing Your Line Editor: Punctuation.  Many writers are able to handle story arcs, character development, and plotting. They sail right through symbolism and suspense. But what many talented storytellers get stuck on is punctuation. There are remedies for this. You could get a grammar book and study all the punctuation rules. It’s not that difficult. There aren’t that many rules. Or you could hire a line editor to help you navigate some of the trickier issues. That’s a whole new problem. Many people proclaim to be line editors, but how do you know if they’re any good?

    In this hands-on workshop, D.R. Ransdell will help you develop a quiz for testing your potential line editor.  Don’t want to go to the expense?  She’ll show you how you can be your own line editor and catch most of your punctuation problems by yourself.

    About the speaker: D.R. Ransdell hails from Springfield, IL, where she grew up in a houseful of books. When she wasn’t reading, she was learning to play the violin. During the summers, her family hit the road, often spending time in Mexico or Germany.  Her fondness for learning language eventually led to a master’s degree in English as a Second Language and a doctorate in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Arizona.   While writing her dissertation, Ransdell also wrote her first book, Amirosian Nights, a tale about a mariachi player from Tucson who winds up substituting for a bouzouki band during a summer vacation to the Dodecanese islands of Greece.  Subsequent projects included a CD of original mariachi music and a book of cat poems, The Secret Lives of the Pink House Cats, to help her roommates celebrate their exploits. Her first mystery, Mariachi Murder, draws heavily on her experiences as a band member.  Her third novel, Thai Twist, is a Young Adult romance that celebrates her interest in foreign language and culture.

    In addition to writing, Ransdell currently directs the writing courses for second-language speakers at UA and coaches graduate students who are teaching for the first time.  A music lover, she also plays violin with the Black Cat Mariachi Band and the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra – fulfilling a dual love:  “playing folk music because of its immediacy and classical music because it’s such a challenge.”


    Jim Adams Publicity Photo

    Crime Speaker Det. Jim Adams, Part 3

    Jim Adams retired in 2011 as the Special Operations Bureau Commander for the Sierra Vista Police Department. He currently works as the Cochise County Sheriff Office’s Crime Scene Technician, provides surveillance support to the Department of Defense, operates his own Private Investigation Agency, and teaches at Cochise College, the University of Arizona, as well as the Military Intelligence School on Fort Huachuca.