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Pay Your Membership Dues

Paying Online - Click the appropriate button below.

  • PROFESSIONAL WRITER LEVEL members are published authors and serious writers aspiring to be published; although our focus is on mystery and crime fiction, we accept writers/authors working in any genre.
  • ASSOCIATE LEVEL members are those working in the literary and publishing industry (librarians, book sellers, editors, literary agents) as well as fans and readers of mystery and crime fiction.
  • We prorate our annual dues: If joining from January through July, annual dues are $25 for Professional Writers Level members or $15 for Associate Level members; if joining from August through December, annual dues are prorated to $12.50 for Professional Writers level or $7.50 for Associate Level.
  • All membership dues need to be renewed annually no later than January 31 of each year.

How To Join

To become a member of our local chapter, download, print and fill out the membership form for your level:

Click here for the Professional Writer Membership form PROFESSIONAL-WRITER.MembershipFormT-SinC

Click here for the Associate Membership form ASSOCIATES.MembershipFormT-SinC

  1. Mail the form with your check (payable to "Tucson Sisters in Crime") to Tucson Sisters in Crime, 5425 E. Broadway Blvd., Box 433, Tucson AZ 85711 – or bring both to our next meeting.
  2. To become a Professional Writer member of our local chapter, you must also join National Sisters in Crime.   (Associate level members are not required to join the national group, but we encourage you to do so.)  When you join or renew your membership with National Sisters in Crime, you will receive a membership confirmation from them; please mail a copy of that confirmation to us, or bring a copy of it to our next meeting.
  3. When renewing your membership in our Tucson group, please remember to fill out the Membership Form again, so we can keep our records in order.
  4. IF PAYING ONLINE with a credit card or by PayPal -- fill in the boxes below and click "Add to Cart" and make your payment. 

Contact us if you need more information or have questions.