October 2020

Tucson Sisters in Crime Program for October 2020

October 17, 2020  1 - 2:30 pm  via Zoom

Several of you have requested speakers who are subject experts in Tarot, Astrology, and other          magickal arts. “Magickal” is not a mis-spelled word, by the way. “Magic” is the art of illusion,      and I have yet to find an illusionist willing to share the secrets of their stage and/or street    magic.

          Regardless of whether you take magick/magic seriously, this is an opportunity, once again, to           make sure you “get the details right” when one of your characters is a witch, psychic, tarot          reader—or simply comes in contact with one in the course of your story.

          The October speaker, Jesse Dyllan Grace, is knowledgeable in many facets of magick. She        will explain how Tarot is, ultimately, a map and how she uses the cards to help us allow ourselves to hear our own still, small voice rise and tell us what we   already know is right for     us.

          She will explain why the Smith-Waite Tarot deck is favored by so many Tarot readers, and the      meaning of the symbols themselves. She has been reading the cards for more than 30 years,      and can help others get a bird’s-eye view to take in their entire story at play, understand more    than their usual limited point of view allows.

          Ms. Grace is an accomplished poet, spoken word artist, writer, and editor in her own right.

Please join us at 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM October 17, 2020 via Zoom.

          Cost for Members is $5.00, Guests, $10.00; since there is no “door” at which to pay, CLICK HERE to secure your spot.

Eva Eldridge will host the Zoom meeting. 

If you are not a member of Tucson Sisters in Crime and/or have questions about the Zoom meetings, here is the email address for you to ask questions: reply2tsinc@gmail.com