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Tucson Sisters in Crime 
Program for Saturday, July 16, 2022


You’re deep into the book, absorbed in the narrative when…wait! What?

Confused, you flip back through the pages you’ve already read. The hero tripped three pages ago because he snagged his cowboy boot heel on a tree root. Now, he’s wearing sneakers and the scene has not changed.

The spell is broken. You set the book aside, probably never to pick it up again, never to buy another one of that particular author’s books.

Or, like Raymond Chandler, you leave a murder unremarked and unsolved in both the book and the movie.

Of course, you avoid errors like that. You know your characters so well, and understand your plots so thoroughly, you don’t make those mistakes. Mmm-hmmm. Then you get an email asking why your heroine was born a Gemini in your first book but celebrated her Leo birthday in the next one? Oops!

Adriel Wiggins will talk about how you can avoid continuity errors in your stories, whether you’re writing a single book or series.

Adriel has a passion for books and for organization. She combines those two joys in her author services and consulting business, addressing book promotion, growing your reading community, online marketing and streamlining the non-writing aspects of a successful writing career. She balances her growing client roster with keeping up with her busy, active family and administrative duties at her kids’ school.

Please join us at 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM Saturday, July 16, 2022 via Zoom.

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Guests: $10.00
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Elaine Powers will host the Zoom meeting; Elise Stone will publish details in the Tucson Sisters in Crime Newsletter, so check your email for the next edition! If you are not a member of Tucson Sisters in Crime and/or have questions about the Zoom meetings, here is the email address for you to ask questions: