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Our Member Committees

The strength of any group is always in the people who lend a hand.

We have many opportunities for our members to help our chapter grow, and we always welcome their helping hand!

Here is what our members can volunteer to help us with …

  • Publicity Committee – to help post notices about our meetings and guest speakers to online calendars of local newspapers and magazines, to help chat about us and our meetings on our Facebook pages, Tweet about us on our Twitter account, to help post our upcoming guest speakers on our website (WordPress).
  • Membership Committee – to help greet guests, visitors and members at our meetings, to help with the RSVP/check-in table at our monthly chapter meetings, and to help our membership director with simple tasks.
  • Programs Committee – to help our programs director greet our guest speakers at meetings, to help with the room set-up at monthly meetings, to help coordinate the schedule for author readings and member sharing at our monthly meetings, and to help coordinate the schedule for our published member authors to sign their books at our monthly meetings.
  • Fundraising Committee – to help with our monthly raffle and also to create ideas and plan for other ways our chapter can raise funds.
  • Special Events Committee – to help create ideas and plan for chapter special events: like social events for our members, maybe a writers retreat for our members, a panel of our authors speaking at the local library, a mystery book reading group for our members, a workshop or conference for the general public, etc.
  • Nominating Committee – to help with the nominating process during our annual election of chapter officers in November.
  • Audit Committee – to help by working with our treasurer to conduct an annual audit of our accounting.

If you can lend a hand, please let us know send us an email or talk to one our board members at the next meeting.

CONTACT: Rebecca Dahlke, Pres.