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Tucson Festival of Books

March 2-3, 2019

In March, when the sun is beaming, desert wildflowers are blooming, and University of Arizona students are away on spring break ... it's time for Tucson Festival of Books, a best-seller in every sense of the word!

Tucson's annual gift to bookworms of all ages brings together authors, entertainers, and exhibitors for presentations, book signings, workshops, and panel discussions. There are dozens of activities for kids, live entertainment, and food vendors as well as a storybook character parade, a Science City, and an American Indian Pavilion.

Much of the action takes place outdoors under big tents on the pedestrian-friendly University of Arizona Mall. General admission is free, but many of the most popular author panels and special events require advance tickets and sell out fast. 

While you're on campus, enhance your festival experience by exploring the university's museums and galleries or strolling to Main Gate Squareand the West University Historic Neighborhood. 

Rentable Tugo bikes are available for quick trips and the Sun Link Streetcar will whisk you through Tucson's university and downtowndistricts and back again. And help from a friendly local is just steps away from campus at the Visit Tucson-University of Arizona Visitor Center.


If you are interested in signing and selling your books at the Festival, contact Eva at to reserve a two-hour spot starting at 9:30 am through 5:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 


DATES: March 2-3, 2019

If you are not already doing a book signing at the Tucson Sisters in Crime booth, we have a special deal for you.

TSiC is willing to pick up your books and offer them for sale at our Tucson Festival of Books booth. We think it’s a good opportunity to have your books seen by the public and spark interest in the group and in your books. There are a few requirements for this.

1. You must be a current member of Tucson Sisters in Crime or Desert Sleuths. Your membership status will be checked before we accept your books. You also need to be current in the National Sisters in Crime organization.

2. You must fill out the attached information sheet and return it to Eva Eldridge ( by February 15, 2019. I need time to build an inventory. You can also bring the form with your books to the February meeting.

3. Your books must be boxed or bagged for us to pick them up.

4. If you have one (1) title to sell, we’ll take up to 10 books of that title. If you have several titles to sell, especially if it’s a series, we’ll take up to five (5) books of each title. No more than five titles, please (25 books total).

5. You will need to pick-up your remaining books from the booth after the festival by 5:00 pm on Sunday or at the March meeting. If you do not pick up your books, they will be considered a donation. We have no place to store them.

I am willing to arrange a time and place to pick-up your books in the Tucson area only, between February 16 – 23rd, or you can bring them to the February meeting. I still work, so I’m not free to go anytime, but I do have some flexibility.  Make sure you give me enough time to pick up your stuff and organize things. Email me to make arrangements at 

TSiC will be selling the books under their license. Keep in mind, the taxes will be paid by TSiC, so price your books accordingly.

I cannot guarantee we will sell your books, but we will have them available and will do our best to make sure people see them.

If you want to use TSiC credit card reader, you will need to fill out the form below and return it to me by February 16th.

You can copy and paste this information into an email and send it to me. You can scan it and send it to me as an attachment at Or, you can bring in the form if you drop off your books at the February 16th meeting. It must be completely filled out.



Fill out the information sheet and return it to Eva Eldridge ( by February 15, 2019

Name (the one you want your check made out to):

Pen Name:

Mailing address:

Physical address (if you want us to pick up your books):


Phone number:

BOOK INFORMATION This needs to be filled out for each book title you give us.

Title of the Book:


Genre & Subgenre:

The blurb (what’s the book about—it should be brief):

Book format: Mark which ever applies and the quantity.

Hardcover: Quantity:

Trade Paperback: Quantity:

Mass Market Paperback: Quantity:

Is your book available in audio book form?

Is your book available in digital form? Where can people buy the e-books?

Tucson Festival of Books